Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Hero: Your right arm was twitchy during the opener around 475. The split was pretty awkward and your flow got disrupted at some point around the kick.

I think you could have went for a boom on that last hit, but nevertheless that chest dm was mind boggling

Again, I like how you had flow, but then it was gone almost as soon as you got the first dm.

Not too shabby, keep going :>
I'll try to work on those things in my next replay..
Whenever that will be >.>
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Generic opener but good speed

Arm ghosted

Grab ruined it, the kick looked awkward

Punch was stiff

Shouldn't have raised/lowered your arms like that at 406, should be the other way around to get more spin

Actually raising the arm gives a bit spin.
Anyway Nice replay didn't like the ghosting.
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