h-hi uhhh my name billy and like uhhhhh I rly wanna join ur clan, zenboy is so good at the game and I really wanna be like him... u-uh I'm on forum everyday and like ingame too... my main mod is lolnade but im not very good... pls accept me...
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hello im flames im pr0 t0ribash player i can play good in good mods lie acrojoust and wushu_epeen and ive always wanted yo be in FightClub because zenboy has been such an influential person in my life. Especially when he asked me to contriute to that antibullying charity, was really cool of him.ANywase FightClub is super cool and i rally liek the clan.

My credit card is 4532446323450032 and my social insurance number is 3241235622563
please consider me
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Hello there, my nickname is tanan and I want to join this clan because its awesome. Also I can beat up a black belt so I'm really good at this game
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My Application
Hello my name is Cason i am 12 years old and i am male. Currently i am a blue belt and i have a QI of 437, I hope you can make an exception because i am only 73 games away from becoming a brown belt. I live in Utah (GMT-6). I have not joined a clan in toribash yet, I also haven’t had any infractions. And you might be wondering why my name on toribash is casondude2 and not just casondude is because i forgot my password for my first account. On that other account anyways i was only a yellow belt. Some personal information about me as i said before is that my name is Cason i am 12 and a male. I have diabetes and that’s about it. I haven’t used the forum’s yet but i am probably a 5-6 in game. I pride myself in-game, one of my “skills” is that i'm determined to get better. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get replays. One of the competitive mods that i play is aikido. I also have a discord which is Casondude#5927. I also don’t have any connections with Fight Club. I also wanted to join this club so that i could learn and make friends.