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[REL]Replay analyzer

Actual version : 2.3

This little script analyzes a replay and writes all the joints state modifications on a file (analyzer.txt) in your script folder.

Useful if you want to see how a move was made, or if you want to explain a move.

To use it, load a replay and run the script !

analyzer.txt will looks like this :

Replay Analyzer v2.3 by [FROG]leverdier

Gamerules :

engagespace -> 0
gravity -> 0.00 0.00 -30.00


Ormo[FROG]Leverdier :
Relax all
Right rotating chest
Right bending lumbar

uke :
Relax all
Left rotating chest
Left bending lumbar
Extending abs


Ormo[FROG]Leverdier :
Holding chest

uke :

Right rotating chest
Contracting abs

Download it here :

or there :

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Hello mate.
It seems like a nice script, good job on that one. I'll check it out tomorrow.
Just a tip, you should change the file extension from .data to .txt, as it will be recognizable automatically by all PCs, and it won't cause any conflicts with applications that might use the .data extension.
a little help pls i cant download :C
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You can download it here :

Also i've made a little update. Now if you dismember Uke (or yourself), that doesn't write all the relax modifications.
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cool work dude I have been looking for this for a long time :o
will check it later
(\(\(\ My work /)/)/)
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Woah bro.
Thanks a ton.
I have always wondered how some moves were created. NOW I SHALL FIND OUT!
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I updated the script, make sure you have the version 2.0

Now the script is more clever and writes "Hold all" or "Relax all" if that makes the modifications simpler.
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Ooooo thanks, the update helped alot. ^__^
Keep up the good work man.
Life is not fair, but life is not fair for everyone... which actually makes it fair.
Thats awesome bro thanks, now ill figure out how to do the butterfly
But i found a littel glitch, Its says Right rotating lumbar, should say Right bending lumbar. hope u fix it
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