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Oh Cyprus looks gorgeous Kane, have fun, enjoy the sun and bring some back to the fatherland with you ; )

Cyprus really is gorgeous. I was there several times already. Will do lol.

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Oh shit..cyprus is close to could have passed if i was there

Hah, right. Only like 200 km. Maybe next time.
My flight takes off in like 2. 5 hours. Come to frankfurt Airport quick. Somehow I will manage to stuff you into my suitcase. If any bones are broken in the process I won't take any responsibility tho. :-)
Hey rud, good to see you.Yea, studying can be hard, stay strong tho.
I'm on vacation rn so I'm rly good ��.

Also, endurance onslaught 2.0 started. It's on the event board if you are interested, only very few spots left tho.
william my big brother
nice to see you around, its cool to have forums to stay connected because I am not very active ingame
you still doing martial arts ?
Enjoint life