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>>fl0w<< [Art, textures, creativity]

[art - textures - creativity]

This is a place where we can express our creative talents, would that be art of painting or writing, or texture art used in TB. This clan has many talented people, here is the place where they can show us their work.
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fl0w attributes ( biceps and ground textures )


fl0w through time (clan picture )

More of Bojan's Art

maldret's head

PLN's art

William's boxing movie


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Well, the main idea was to have a silhouette of a tori in some wushu fighting pose. If it looks like he is playing guitar then, fuck, he's playing guitar then! :} But the thing is: we now have the main concept, we may do with the circle space in O whatever we need.
We may put our initials (for ground textures), our heads of our toris, whatever we need. I'll show u how it goes when I make banners etc...

may be lets make an eye in the middle? ;p
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