Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Just how much do they even challenge you?
Toribash TakeOVER
<Colossus> ROFL
<Colossus> my friend got hit by a car
<Colossus> gonna go visit him. brb

[22:45:46] <Thorn> I know she likes it in the ear
[22:45:53] <Thorn> because when I put it to her mouth she turns away
We won 6-0 against [#h],good job neuro!

just backing up stuff

We got a thread for this now.

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Your messed up world enthrills me
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I swear he won once?
He DQ'd himself hard enough times though.
[fl0w] - [-OpT] 8-1 in abd \o/ + 16 battle points

we are ranked 12 now!

edit : a new clan war against [-SOA]

[fl0w] - [-SOA] 6-2 in abd \o/ + 12 battle points we are still ranked 12 tho D:

edit : yet another clan war with [-SOA]

[fl0w] - [-SOA] 5-2 in abd \o/ + 15 battle points WE ARE NOW RANKED 11 !!!! top ten here we come!

edit : another clan war! with [-ethr]

[fl0w] - [-ethr] 6-3 \o/ +24 battle points! we are ranked 11 still another clan war and we get 10th or 9th
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:O! another clan war with #h

[fl0w] - [#h] 4-0 + 4 clan points xD \o/ still 11th tho D: it was in lenshu3ng.tbm

edit : [fl0w] - [-MR] 7-2 + 14 clan points and for some reason it got us back to 14th ? i need to check some shit up
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