Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Forgive me if it's been suggested before but I'd love a quick aikido big dojo. Most aikido big dojo servers have too many players for me to want to join, usually I dont have much time to play. I think even 2 quick abd severs would suffice.
Taekkyon is an all time favorite for many people, and i'm just gonna state my suggestion, remake an official server for it and bring it back.

i'm not entirely sure if i can bump this, but i'd really like a response if i can hope to see taekkyon back in the public server list, it's an old mod that plenty of people love, and i'm also curious when it was removed.

it has come to my attention that sir has removed it for an event and it will come back, i am very un happy, but as long as it comes back whatever.
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i'm so lost on what is wrong or right, i've had people tell me it was removed for an event and will come back, i've had people tell me it was removed from it's own public server 2-3 years ago, whatever the case BRING TK BACK
Idk what to rly say here but can u like make the walls in public boxshu grabbable, all the latest spider man games are boring and i think all the superhero fans would come crawling in, trust me.
I think we should have some weaponmod, fust and funny to play
katana.tbm suits well
Katanajoust is weird
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Can we bring back quick taekkyon and public taekkyon?

<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills

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