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[AS 1.0][Week 2] Movies
Its time for week 2 boys and girls!

This time we talk about Movies in general, for example:
-Favorite Movie
-Favorite Genre
-Favorite Actor/Actress
-Favorite Franchise

I would start by saying that my favorite movie of all time would have to be Fast and Furious in general as a franchise, not really a specific movie that I like more over the others.

For Genre I have couple:

For Actor again a couple ... I just can choose and it depends on the genre of movie:
-Jason Statham
-Jackie Chan
-Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
-Vin Diesel

I dont know what else to include but if any of you have any suggestions I can add more to my post ;)
Can i blabble 2?
My favorite movie would be: american wedding (funny af)
Fav genres are: comedy,action,horror.
Fav actor: jonny depp
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
I liked the earlier Fast and Furious movies much better tbh, there was a little too much action in the newer ones and it kinda ruined the vibe of it being about street racing and such.

My favourite movie franchise is Death Race, Starring Jason Statham. I highly recommend it.

Favourite Genres would be Action, Sci-FI Fantasy and Thrillers.

Favourite actors:
pmuch same as Trestet's lol except I also like Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler.

If we can include other stuff like Anime and TV shows my Favourite TV show is Dexter and my Favourite Anime are No Game No Life and SAO. ^_^
If you're reading this, you just failed...
My favorite movie franchises was the Rush Hour. Can't really thing about another movie I actually love and can watch everyday.
Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actors. I just love how he's able to do real stunts, comedy and acting at the same time in 1 film. Some of his movies got bloopers and funny moments on credits. It's just rare to see those and oh how he has gotten old nowdays.
My fav genres:comedy,action,horror
I dont really have favorite actors
I watching anime movies too
But i gave a big like to deadpool