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Our static clan server!
We finally did it guys,we reached over 50k perkpoints!

I already submitted the clanserver and am in contact with the clansquad,it will take a day or so to set up the server properly.

At first i will set boxshu.tbm as the mod with more matchframes and winpoints enabled but we can change the mod anytime we want so if u have recommendations or wishes let me know.

gj everyone
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Great news. Grats!

Can we set owner pass for it? Like molf? So only clan guys know it?
Pm me for deals
Might just be me, but maybe we should set it up as a permanent ultimate wushu server of old incase the numbers arent to great in any other mod; uw8 was and is the best server, long live uw8
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!
The ultimate wushu room were/was awesome, i agree.
I believe you are hinting at classic wushu3.tbm or brushu.tbm without any form of dojo.

Times have changed tho, and in my opinon boxshu.tbm,while more restrictive , is the correct awnser to these changes,especially with winpoints enabled.

For the time being lets keep boxshu.tbm,when the demand is really high tho we can change it to classic wushu/brushu.

And dont forget that boxshu.tbm IS wushu,just in a box.

And also @everyone,the static clan servers costs 5k perkpoints every 2 months.

Not a big deal , but keep that in mind.War sometimes etc.
Nice idea smog
unfortunaly only staff can change the desc in our room, we just can change mod and our password
Enjoint life
I am fine with the charakters being completly blue.
Still, good idea, but aesthetics dont interest me right now, i want the server to work correctly first.