Quick thing honestly some of these rules are shit (don't ban me XD)
How can you tell if someone has not put forth the effort that is the point
of CnC to make the person better also what if someone cannot afford
other programs except ms paint. Now I do understand that writing
litterature with no story and shit is kinda showing effort but you can't trully
know if someone has put effort just saying.
Please reply because i'm just a bit confuzzled.
First off, none of the rules are shit. Just because you're not able to comply to the rules doesn't mean the rules are shit.

Me and cats know what is right and wrong cnc. We ourselves are artists so we know what kinds of things should be said to the artists. If we see your cnc is leading the artist to the wrong direction, we'll know.

Also by all means tell an artist to get a program for their artwork, but you're not allowed to link them any free sources as we all know pirating is illegal.

Have a good day.
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I've added a notice regarding posts replying to moderations. Many of these kinds of posts have been deleted so I wanted to make this clear: do not reply to moderations stating you have done what we ask you to do.

removed. redundant and just reiterates a rule that's in bigger font than the other rules. -TyZi
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Tags are now handled with thread prefixes, as per this suggestion.

Moderator note: You can add prefixes to the threads by going to Edit Thread and selecting one there.
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"Shitty" art is explained pretty well in the rules. Low effort in general not accepted. Characters aren't usually claimed to be their own or anything, this isn't an issue.

Read the thread.
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Question, would I be allowed to make a thread where people can request a texture/logo?

In Market - Art/Textures.
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In Market - Art/Textures.

Ok! Thanks!

Edit: Can you link me that? I can't find it. Thanks!
Bump: Please link the section.
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