Some spar rust
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fight with xmov.rpl (474.2 KB, 39 views)
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Jesus man, was just looking through this thread and your style is awesome.
Welcome back again my dude, replays are pretty good despite the rustiness, i still would try to rip-off your playstyle x)
Thankks my mann appreciate it!
Some awkward situation sparring with Haku enjoy
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hakuflash..rpl (754.0 KB, 53 views)
Holy shet man, Looks like you unrust yourself fully, This is yet the best spar i've seen from you. Good Job mon
I hope im unrusted, but I think it'll take more time.
here's some Brazilian jiu jitsu competitive fighting. Really nice mod, had fun rolling with rouxster
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s_jiujitsu_wip1-1.tbm (25.6 KB, 17 views)