Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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heres mine only take the gd ones i got more but thee no that gd
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RAZAS-Wrath.rpl (137.5 KB, 11 views)
MA15+ Strong ownage.rpl (166.8 KB, 9 views)
The Ninja Finisher.rpl (164.1 KB, 10 views)
Here are my replays don't know if you can open them though
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doxsez replay1.rpl (52.5 KB, 10 views)
decap attack.rpl (22.0 KB, 12 views)
doom kick.rpl (35.6 KB, 7 views)
doxsez owns.rpl (68.7 KB, 7 views)
tk wowness.rpl (65.9 KB, 8 views)
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WE need one a dance and a few psycho madmens but we need poses and

many x madman
1 x break dance
many x decaps with end poses(it would b wicked if u dont break ur self)

thanks i have already started recording the vids at 60 fps to make it smooth i just need a few more replays to start officially. so far i have an inclusion of 3 members in the vid.

and can someone tell me how to use shaders and change uke into someone else? isnt it /dp or something?
to change uke its /lp 0 [player name], 0 = tori, 1 = uke

I have some dance, but my replay got weird, I have this little problem in my tb, I cant do madmans, the replays I have its all multiplayers, I can send you the dance one, but is not finished, cause I can't finish anymore because of that problem...

EDIT: to use shaders, you need a nice graphic card, then you go to options and put shaders on
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Hmm here are my votes.......
1. System of a down:: Chop Suey
2. Dragonforce:: Through The Fire And flames::Operation Ground And Puond
3. Slipknot:: Dead Memories
4. Korn:: Right Now
These are just my ideas i don't care you don't like them but i do =)
<Jarmund>puta keppario
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to do the background, type /lws [shader].inc

you can download the shaders, or use the ones that come with the game