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Our aim as a clan is to grow as a community and to learn from each other, both in game and out.

For Generation, greed for power had destoryed the clan. Until IceBlitz's Pal Psyckho who had inherited the power of the VorteX orb. Had to revieve the clan back into their old selves, so he sealed the orb into a dark deep pit that not even god-hampa himself can't reach it. Psyckho had only one goal and that goal is to revieve the VorteXians back. He traveled many place's, even through time and space, one by one he recruited new and old members of the VorteX. Thus, VorteX had revieved from the depths of hell or heaven.

If you have interest in joining us,
You got to know that we only recruit sociable players, active, and with at least a black belt.

You can find us at room vortex, usually named as "VorteX Public Room".
It is a public room, hence the name.

There is the page where you can apply to get recruited.

If you want to contact us in real time, you can join our IRC,
Here is how to join us on it.

For the news, you can catch them here :

If you have ANY questions, feel free.
Therefore, I might not be able to answer why girls don't want to hang out with you. Just clan related questions. Please.
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why dont cats want to hang out with me? j/k

anyways good initiative there Psy. =] lets keep up the good work.
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Huh. Just reread through this. Pretty inaccurate >.>

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