Endurance Onslaught 4
not really
actually the twitchiness is much more little issue than the form in these replays to be honest, in these replays you are constantly fking your form and then also in a complete desync as in example in the skullsnapper.rpl, you somehow managed to deform your form completely in the first 30 or something frames just so u could go for the scoot, which is really not something you want to be doing.

already at 1460 your tori looks like it has been hit by a damn truck with the complete uneveness and desync of your upper body+arms and random twitches there too, and then on top of that you got your legs along with ur glutes all fkd as well, stuff would been working so much more better if you had even tried to setup the scoot properly in there instead of committed for that, could have maybe done some generic and simple hook kick to set it up, or anything else really than that.

the scoot itself looks kind of strugglish with the the twitchiness on top of all the other issues it has, doing things tend to not really look too great if you dont even set it up properly and if you fk the form completely in first 50 frames to the thing(wow who could have guessed). then the st is stronk and stuff but bending the knee in it kind of kills some of the aesthetic value of it to me atleast, but i think that is some stylistic choice stuff that some people may like and some dislike - the main issue in the st is that you killed ur lumbar for no reason at all at 1360, and got the stuff desynced in there as well, as you can see the results just 10 frames later in 1350 your tori is desynced again with the raising in arms and got fkd glutes as well. in st for corks you really dont need to extend the glute until the very end of it, it simply looks better, makes more sense, and also gives your swing much more power.

the dub itself looks crazy strugglish and there is some little ghosting in the knees, and the tuck looks kind of weak, but i guess that is just the nature of avarage toribash dub corks. the landing is very strugglish as well and you basically completely destroyed your form in there as well, and then also managed to somehow make your whole right arm phase through your right knee, but idk if that is just part of "pretty good form in general" stuff...........

and then the double webster thing looks like it is straight out of public lenshu server, the fact you landed it in the "pretty good in general" form with the left arm inside your left thigh is insane, really made me speechless.

cool tricks and stuff but your overall form is pretty bad and movement is super twitchy, you should focus more in to those and it would be much more interesting to look at them tricks when u get those right
Ohhh it's you, no thank you I'm good!
Really pleased with the envergardo in this one, it looks almost exactly like I wanted it too
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