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My Application For [Aeon]
Hey Guys

My Name is Dylon, also known as, well...Dylon
I am 17 at the moment and I moved to Ireland from South Africa. I have been playing Toribash for little over 2-3 years now.

More about me
I am pretty laid back guy when it comes to most things as I love to relax and just chill with friends and have a fun time. I was an athlete but I stopped due to a knee injury and I grew my love for art and gaming.

I found toribash as a goto calm down game as I was a very very competitive Dota and CS:GO player. So as I said I love art, I will be hopefully taking an art course as well as animation and all that fun stuff.

I am a kind and caring person, can be very protective over my friends. I am the kinda person that goes by "You can fuck with me all you want but back off from hurting my friends" Sorry for the French. In general, I swear a bit but only cause I don't think its bad unless your swearing at someone with intention. Like who hasn't stumped their toe and yelled shit or fuck. The Ironic thing is I am a Christian and was a youth leader yet I condone this... I'm a good Christian .

I love all types of music just about but my favorite would have to be calm music with nice instrumental or acoustic

in my spare time I do calisthenics, art, hang with my girlfriend and game, also watching a lot of series.

My Favourite Series would be Yamanda and the 7 witches, Attack on Titan, Chivalry Of A Failed Knight and a few more. Outside of anime my favorite would be IZombie, The Magicians (Oh I also do street magic, forgot that), Flash, Rick, and Morty.

My experience with Toribash has been a good one, met interesting and kind people, and a few toxic ones. One of my old Pals would be Pranit <3

My favorite Mods would be the generic ones I guess.

Why I want to Join [Aeon]
I would like to join because I have been looking for a clan such as yourselves, you guys are a family who respect each other and who like to spend time playing with one another and talking to one another in not just toribash but other games too and I would love to be apart of that.

Name: Dylon
Age: 17
Belt: 10th Dan Black Belt

- Gaming
- Art
- Design
- Sports
- Hanging out with Friends

- Art
- Being a good friend
- Dota 2
- Drama and theatre
- Every sport i put myself into
- Hosting events

- Discord
- Skype
- Email
- Snapchat
- Facebook

Thanks for your time you guys, hope to hear from you soon

Kind Regards

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I always accept new guy, but sorry, currently I'm still in trial phase so I can't vote.

Good luck fam, hope you can pass it.
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these fam are unforgettable for sure

Aegis | jdawg2001 | rawrneru | Manta | DarkDranz | Trice | Raiken

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i vouch for this guy, he has been in a few of my previous clans.
would be a good addition for CL and he is very very active ingame, something that we really need.
I am not an Aeon Member, also Belts are irrellevant
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Im 4th Dan Cause I have another account as my alt
You know TB since 2K15 and you are only 4th dan

i lol'ed at this part
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Did I mention I am not an Aeon Member?
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