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About our inactivity. Please read this before joining!
Hello fellow old people, I'm Deady, one of OLDAS co-founders. You have probably never heard of me because I have been inactive in Toribash for quite a long time. I check the forums once or twice a year (mostly to get nostalgia boners) but aside from that I don't exist anymore in the world of TB.

I'm making this post because the overwhelming majority of OLDA members are also long term inactive, which effectively means this org is dead. I'm glad they haven't deleted it, but as far as I know not a single person who was active when OLDA was at it's peak still has anything to do with Toribash.

One thing this means is that Our Roster never gets updated. So if you do join, please bear in mind that chances are you won't be added to our member list. Only because there simply isn't anyone to put you there. I personally would love to know this org kept going, but I can't really do anything to ensure that happens.

The other thing this means is that the org is essentially yours for the taking. What I mean by this is that if you want to join and want OLDA to be active again, feel free to make it happen. The org has never really had many set rules, so feel free to pretty much do whatever you want here. Back in the before times we used to have all sorts of events and they were always a blast, so feel free to have your own in the orgs name.

If I come back and see that a person, or group of people has taken over the forum then I will gladly do what I can to get them admin for our boards (assuming you don't turn OLDA into something stupid.) So if that sounds appealing to you feel free to give it a shot.
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I like it actually. Been here for years and been mostly inactive also.
Most of the old members are tb-dead yeah, but I think some of us are still there somewhere lurking in the shadows, like I do.
I wish people would just come back and make it live again, cuz I used to love it.
events and they were always a blast, so feel free to have your own in the orgs name.

Let's make it happen!
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