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What's ur favourite car?
What car do u want to have, or maybe already have? I'll begin I'd like to have Porsche Carrera GT
Probably the Porsche Carrera Mirage GT Gemballa :v

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The ones that don't require the oil that is now killing the gulf coast.

oooooooo, I'm so green.

Honestly though I don't really like any cars, what they represent, or what they have helped to spread in the culture of humanity. Maybe its because my dad sold them growing up, but I have never really liked them.

EDIT: Just felt I should represent the insanely small minority of people who chose not to use them. Nothing against people who like them.
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1969 boss 429 is my favorite by far

if i ever get the change that will the car i buy i've always loved mustangs and i actually own a 1992 5.0 fast back right now
My favorite car is a Mazda RX8. Looks freakin awesome with or without any modifications :)

also according to Top-Gear, its quite a good car to drive in.
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6R4 <3

The result of shoving a 3.5L V8 in a Metro. Truly epic.

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