Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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Over 18? Join OLDA!
To join OLDA all you have to do is post here saying you want to join.

Please include your age (we trust you wont be lame and lie) and anything else you feel like including and don't mind having listed in our roster, i.e. Clan affiliation, Belt color, time playing Toribash, and if you want a snazzy description feel free to include that too as well as your country. DO NOT POST YOUR FULL DATE OF BIRTH OR A PICTURE OF YOUR LICENSE; We arent that serious, so there is no need to get that official. Remember what Dr. Farnsworth said, don't post personal information on the internet.

The only requirement for membership is that you are at least 18.
That means all you unranked white belts out there, feel free to join. Personally We will be absolutely thrilled to see this thread flooded with white belts and 10th Dans alike.
Obviously all of the other forum rules apply and any infractions will carry the same penalty as anywhere else in the forums, so no racism or sexism or anything else that does not belong in a video game forum.

If you feel inclined to putting a tag on your name to represent OLDA, the "official" tag will be [OLDA] anywhere you like in your name. As of now the Official symbol of OLDA is the lovely mug of frothy goodness in several of our avatars (courtesy of bLoTtO, u can download it HERE). However, should you feel a desire to make your own unofficial avatar, feel free. Any other artwork is always welcome.

OLDA IRC. (courtesy of Skazz) irc://

Well folks, I think that about covers it. If there is anything we have missed, or any suggestions you have please DON'T BE SHY.
Here's looking forward to a great organization.

Cheers, since you are old enough ;)

Tweaking rule for inscription : Don't come with an alternative account. If you want to join in, just post with your regular account and let us know if you have regular alts. But ppl with not that much used alts won't be accepted. This is about being friendly altogether, just show yourself as you really are.

Deady & bLotTo
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May I join?
  • 22 years old
  • 5th Dan
  • Urban co-leader
  • Been playing for bloomin ages - 1.97, I think
  • Snazzy description - Im Scottish, nuff said ;)
It would be nice to have a safe haven, away from the tedious nature of some of our fellow toribashians.
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cu in february ;)
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