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"The Funny Videos you have see on the internet" thread


And ill start with this one :D
this one is by "Ben Schwartz" called "Cheating"

Freakin hillarious :P
Hahahaha! Unexpected ending! XD

Some of the funniest moments I've seen have been thanks to the guys at

Their humour's subtle, and you can't help but think "yeah, that's right actually"

Here's a few examples:

Halo 3

RIP Troy Dixon (T-Bag/Terrence Brown) - he died recently in a car accident.


WOW (such an easy target)

the n00b effect

Enough clips - the show's free to download so go watch it.

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you
aye man, I loved the last one. Very funny.

Short animation:

Eddie Iz:

This Last one just makes me smile when I watch it. This dude is awesome ^^ I suggest you also watch part 2.

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This is pretty funny.
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Lol slith, nice one.

The vid i posted isn't funny, but that is so beautiful that i just had to post it.
You have to watch it in hq, that's why i didn't embed it. Trust me, it's worth your time.
i just watched the making of.
Thats actual bouncy balls. How cool is it to throw 25K of bouncy balls down a street?
I love the Lego vid, Death by tray it shall be!

My favs:
Jon La Joie:

There is so much, i cant decide, just check his channel.

Uh and nice is the good old unnessary censorhip: (aka epic win)
<Balrog> Sorry

On-links are bad
OLDA are good
Omg... The last one was epic.
This is the Emergency Alert System. All normal programming has been discontinued during this emergency.
lol, those were all pretty good dark I had seen Show me your genitals before and almost posted it here, glad you beat me to it.

This one might only be funny for Americans :/ and anyone living in the Netherlands, dont take any offense to this. Its really only funny when you compare it to Americas Santa.

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Sinterklaas > your fatass ripoff sinterklaas any day of the year ^^

Also, I liked this one:

EDIT: wonder why this damn thing won't embed...
I'm back, I think... :)
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