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Re: Signature for muah?
K ahwt you want it too loook liK? i could make it animated if you like. LIke words fly in one after the other!

yeah. its gonna cost around 300 creds though biatch. I'll make it tonight if im ont too lazy
Re: Signature for muah?
<ducky> The game.
<siku> ducky: i didnt know this was 2005 and 4chan
<siku> sorry, i hate the game and you should shut the fuck up about that retarded bullshit
<siku> you should link us to awesome and edgy motivational pics next or maybe pedobear
<siku> inb4 rep needs toriprime or vip lmao rofl that /b/ is grate
<siku> is this the part where you educate me on memes, further showcasing your amazing 4chan findings
<siku> word x is a meme lmao rofl
<+veb> someone make ducky smod