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How do I get more realistic movements to work?
I'm taking Muay Thai in real life, and I'd like to just be able to high kick Uke in the head, just a basic Muay Thai rear kick. And I'm not sure how I can get simple movements like this to work without falling over like a noob. I'd appreciate any help on this, I further clarify it's mainly for messing around in singleplayer, so if I need to mod it or something like that I will.

PS: I further clarify that I'm not really requesting moves, I'm just asking how to balance off such simple kicks, without flopping around doing handstands, and land them or execute them as simply as they are executed in real life.
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Are you referring to a kick such as this?

I just googled "muay thai kick" and copied the first tutorial

If you're interested I could walk you through the thought process behind how I created the move (Although someone more qualified in realistic single player replay making might come by)

EDIT: Do you have any examples of how you currently create replays? It'll be good to understand where you're at so I know how in-depth I need to go
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I do some videos
Feel free to PM me for any video-related questions
I'll get a replay to you. The issue is simply that I lose balance, and can't even get my leg up for the kick. I also tried boxing cause I thought it'd be fun to punch the hell out of Uke, but I just throw one punch and then fall over. But that's just part of the same issue, I have no idea how to make realistic movements work like they do in real life.

EDIT: If I could eventually do realistic takedowns and things like that it'd be great. This game is more fun than it has any right to be.
Here you go. Attempting to Muay Thai clinch him and I flail around like a moron. I probably should've used just one knee here, but here's a replay anyway. Is there any way I could just stand up and knee Uke til the replay ends? That's the result I kind of want. Or to just stand up and have Uke and me trade kicks without falling down. Haha.
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A good way to start with realism is to go into the game settings and change the gravity to a more realistic -30.00 and set your engage distance to something like 200 so that you don't immediately slap Uke when you more your arms

You also don't want to use grabs because you're basically just sticking your hands to them and due to the nature of how toribash handles grabs your movement will be hindered severely (unless of course you have lots of experience)

Realism is also a toughie for newer players as you generally have to use your entire body at all times just to keep your balance or go for moves. It's extremely difficult to find any realistic move that requires only a handful of bodyparts to work.

I'd suggest going for something simple such as a backflip first before attempting anything which requires interaction with Uke because then you have to focus on how your tori will react to touching him as well as what move you're planning out. On top of that, you don't really need that many parts for a good backflip other than your entire legs, pecs and shoulders.
I do some videos
Feel free to PM me for any video-related questions
I'll just practice and hopefully I'll eventually be able to do it. Is there anything I can do to make balancing more simple via mods or the likes? Or is it just a matter of practice, even for casual players.
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try to move faster to get realistic
keep the speed u are going
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Anonymousaaig12, if you need advice on any kind of Martial Arts, ask Binklawz he is the best at this by far (try to contact him on forums or join the [eVo] Discord's server so you can contact him easiler)

Also, the discord is on the clan's main page (basically you just need to click Evolution under my Picture)
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