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[WIP] Ingame Chat Client for Android
I've started working on this project recently and decided to release a wip since it's base feature is already working.
This app will let you join any room in the game and chat with anyone in it.


Make sure you login before you try to join any room.
If you get logged in correctly, you'll be sent to the main screen again otherwise, you'll get an error.

Known Issues:
  • Switching screens rapidly causes crashes
  • Leaving a room may cause random crashes

Feedbacks are welcome :)

Android 2.3.3+ is required
Wait... If im in server "A" i can use this application and chat in server "B" ?
Or i just can preview the chat?
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this crazy! i love the thought were if i am away from my computer and someone wants to message me, its cool how i can just launch the app! amazing work! defiantly downloading!