SP Cup 2022
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looks great, I guess its this one. https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets...jpg?1619191563

Looks really good pretty close resemblance to the original.
I think what you could focus on are those really sharp highlights, you can't really go too crazy when it comes to highlights on a piece like this, sharp highlights add the illusion that there are more details in the drawing than what it actually is, like what you have on the bottom of the character, so just go nuts with it.

And you could make the darks even darker, and more defined, would really make the character pop, and make the wings look like they are ripped apart from each-other, right now it looks like they are wrapped together with some rubber bands, I do the same thing myself, get to attached to a certain brush size.

I think Sam Lamont has a lot of magenta tones in there as well.

did a quick paintover to show what I mean

Sorry, don't mean to hijack your thread :P
It would probably look good to add some magenta to it with either overlay or multiply mode.

Yea that's the one. I think the problem is knowing when to stop with those highlights, it can really be addicting. I somehow totally missed the magenta hue though, now I see it. I'll work on a piece of my own trying to implement some of the techniques I applied in that one, we'll see how it goes.

Don't worry about posting stuff here, you are welcome to do so. What I care about is more the discussion rather than just showing my art.