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buying and making my first pc, list made by 16bars
sorry if i did something wrong it's my first time making a thread here, and making a computer in general, major credit to 16bars for helping me and being so nice and smart, he's made the entire list, link at the bottom

I didn't really want to make a thread here for this but screw it, this'll be my first time making and buying a computer, i told my friend it was specifically for gaming and scrolling the internet, so he said i5 was best to go with, so please don't reccomend i7 if you're like tuna and don't explain why.

the case will probably change not sure, not sure if the cooler is good enough or if it's quiet so if someone could help me on that, that would be splendid.

i went with 16 ram because i just wanted to not worry about that, i just asked him to update the graphics card and my budget was 1800$ and the list has changed alot but it's now about 1770$ if you guys see any problems please tell me, and i will probably update the list (get 16bars to update it)

link edit here's an up to date list-
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why are you paying for that graphics card with an i5, i would pay more for an i7 with a graphics card like this

what kind of games are you even trying to run? jeesh.
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well, from what 16bars has told me, i7 is for more of creative things like, developing/3d item creating/etc, i don't undertstand the difference, and games such as, open worlds, gta 5, mad max, for honor, very hard to run type of games.
What TyZi said. You could downgrade to a GTX 1060, saving you about £300 which you could allocate to an i7. Graphics card development is very hot right now, and the 1080 will be only a couple hundred pounds in a year or so, and you can upgrade to it then when your wallet has recovered.

EDIT: 16bars isn't wrong, but the processor also does a lot of the math that goes into physics engines. Additionally, with this budget, something is going to have to be a bottleneck, and due to the quickly changing price in better components, it's a much better idea to put your major investment into the processor rather than the GPU. It's a lot easier and less of a headache to swap out a GPU than a processor. I'm lucky I was informed of this during my build.
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i dont think you can even bottleneck when you pair an i5 6600k with a gtx 1080, you should be fine for a few gpu generations as well

if you have the budget I'd keep what you have in that list right now, i have an almost identical setup and unless you're wanting to do some hardcore video or 3d art production, you're golden
I don't really think that the i5 6600k won't be enough for the 1080 or bottleneck it, but if you really want to invest in that beast of a GPU, an i7 CPU is the best option to go with. 6700k or even the new kaby lake 7700k. Again i don't say that i5 6600k will bottleneck that gpu in any way, but not the 100% best outcome of that it.

Also i think a 600W+ PSU would be necessary for that PC, since you have a lot of high end parts. Just my opinion.
is the i7 basically both for gaming and devoloping/creative stuff or?

from what i understand it's basically able to do everything and the i5 can mainly do gaming stuff.
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is the i7 basically both for gaming and devoloping/creative stuff or?

from what i understand it's basically able to do everything and the i5 can mainly do gaming stuff.

The i7 can do both gaming and other stuff like editing. The i7 is more recommended if you want to do also editing or stuff like this, or idk a shit ton of multi tasking, that's where the more threads it has helps.

For gaming an i5 is more than enough, there will be like a difference of 1-5 fps in games, maybe max 10 in some DX12 games.