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(Tv) Join Villains


The Villains


Evil genius's Teams



Skype Channel

Clan Rules

If you don't fill out an application you will never be in the Convict rank

If you are on trial you have 1 week to make an application and be in-game tested

If you don't you will be KICKED

Be respectful to other clans and to your team.

Be active both in forums and in-game

If you decide to leave and want to come back it's a minimum of 5k to the bank

Every infraction is 5k to the bank

3 infractions and you will be voted on by The Council on if you should be kicked or not

5 infractions you will be kicked

If you can not pay this fee of 5k per infraction you will be kicked

Clan Rank-17

Clan IRC-#Tv
Clan Arm Band

Send TC to the bank to the clan bank to support (Tv)
The username of our clan bank is MoreTcPlz

Clan Bank-5k

We have applied for official on 5/1/2016
We should get our results on 6/1/2016

Clan bank username: MoreTcPlz
User(s) who have access to clan bank: xEgyptian
Beg To Join
An application is simple post these things
1.)Your Name or nickname
3.)skype or not
4.)best mods
5.)reason for joining
6.)how long u will stay(loyalty)
7.)Stuff about you
8.)do you like to war
9.) stuff about you ingame or if ur active more forum than ingame
these are simple things please add more thank you

After you have read this say ill kill anyone to be in
If you are returning
1.)Why u left
2.)why u return
3.)what are you offering to show your loyalty
4.)why should we accept you
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Nice edits. Hope to see you guys make sum smexy apps!
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1.)Jesper or s3s
4.)Aikidobigdojo and/or other aikido based mods
5.)wanting to join a growing community and help us get to the top
6.)i will stay for as long as i'm allowed to
7.)about me? hmmmm, well i've been training parkour and freerunning in my sparetime and also enjoy gaming...
8.)Yeah but it's been a long time since i last was in a war, i just started playing recently again.
9.) I'm more active ingame than on the forums

And please i'm begging to join
thank you s3s for making an application u have been ingame tested already i hope so i will move u in to the great beggar society

3.)don't have skype :/
4.)abd, Taido, wushu
5.)looking for a good group to play with, looking for friends
6.)permanently, once i find a group i stick around.
7.)Musician, graphic designer, creativity junkie
8.)I don't care for war, mostly interested in group play and tourneys
9.) I play Toribash almost daily, I'm interested in finding a group who needs someone to contribute original texture art, as well as help each other grow ingame. Tested as Butterump, but I'm switching to a more acceptable name.

I am begging to join!! You guys seem like a really cool group and I'd love to be a part of the family.
ObiKillsU: A couple of things,
1/ You need to be forum active (Post twice a week).
2/ Be Ingame active.
3/ Donate at least 1k to the bank (since you're white belt only 500 TC each week)

Enjoy the begging community
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1.)Irl name: Rylie IGN: MoldyRobot
3.)Yes. But I'd rather not post it on here, I'll PM it to a leader if/when asked
4.)I'm very good at a lot of mods, my best being Boxshu.
5.)I was asked after trying out to join
6.)I'll stay as long as I'm welcome.
7.)I've been a leader of several clans, including ones that outrank this clan, I have a lot of experience in TB, and I know how to make TC.
8.)I'm alright with warring, don't love it, don't hate it, but I'll war if online.
9.) My Forum activeness: 10/10 In-game: 7/10

I'm begging to Join
Ze.Royal.MoldyRobot that's a yes!

Enjoy the begging community <3
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