ToriCombat League
My fantastic application !!!
1.) Your name or nickname: my nickname Thii13, my real name is Thiago Reis

2.) Age: 17

3.) skype or not: Preto.senador

4.) best mods: Judo, Aikidobigdojo / no grab

5.) reason for joining: I liked the clan and members who walked watching in-game

6.) How long u will get (loyalty): Enough time: v

7.) things about you: I'm cool, I like to play listening to music or eating and drinking orange juice: 3

8.) Do you like war: Yes, I go to destroy!

9.) My activity in the forum is: once a day I get / Ingame some 4 hours a day
Your name or nickname: my nickname tyga, my real name is jamaljarv Age: 1 skype or not: no best mods: Aikido bigdojo / mushu reason for joining:because i want to join a well achieved clan How long u will get (loyalty):as long as possible
things about you: I'm cool, I talk what on my mind and i like to swim
Do you like war: Yes, I go to kill all
My activity in the forum is: only on weekends / Ingame hold weekends
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1.jason Bre4kdown 14 skype
4.havn't really do mutch mods
5.couse i think ur awsome long as i can
7.i'm dutch and i'd like to lern
8.i'd like to war but first get better
i'm begging to join
Thanks for the info Skip!

I hadn't seen my request to join arrived until an hour or two ago. I'm happy to be here and I look forward to gaming with you guys!
Begging To Join Application
1.)My Real Name is Grahita Tude. Ingame its Draigoon12


3.)skype or not:i don't have skype but i have twitter and instagram

4.)best mods:aikido,mushu,boxshu

5.)reason for joining: cuz i want friends and i have a friend here

6.)how long u will stay(loyalty): until the clan dies

7.)Stuff about you: i'm a drummer,an amateur replay maker,i'm smart,a game hacker

8.)do you like to war: WAR = LIFE

9.) stuff about you ingame or if ur active more forum than ingame:i'm really active ingame,but not in the forums i just come to the forums to check clan invites and declare wars.

10.) i can help this clan be number 1

11.) these are my replay.Exotronia is my alt

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Great App Bro i like it alot nice replays btw try to see who wants you in the team or you can stay solo and be a good old beggar