ToriCombat League
1.)Your Name or nickname: Brandon, (Ingame- Gymbash/Gym)
2.)Age: 19 years young
3.)skype or not: Bdupre2015
4.)best mods: Aikido, Abd, wushu, judo, funmods
5.)reason for joining: I'd like to be in a chill and active clan
6.)how long u will stay(loyalty): I'll stay as long as the clan stays active and chill!
7.)Stuff about you: Well I love gaming, I am in college... Like long walks on the beach... etc...
8.)do you like to war: War is life.
9.) stuff about you ingame or if ur active more forum than ingame
these are simple things please add more thank you: I'm pretty skilled. I'm recently back from a long break so... there's that. I'm a bit rusty in some areas. I am equally active on both the forum and ingame (10/10)

I am begging to join!
I hate living in Texas -_-
5.)I want to learn how to become stronger
6.)I would like to stay for as long as I could
7.)I've been training my self tricking,parkour, and sparring and its ending out nice
8.)yes, it would be an opportunity for me to have war with professionals
9.)I'm much active in gaming than in forum

I'm begging to Join
Hi, I am Jak, most people call me Red.
I am 15.
Yes, I have skype, I prefer not to use it.
I am decent in Aikidobigdojo.tbm, I spar a bit, I do alot of replays. I also trick.
i want to join because of the people I have been ingame with in this group, they are highly skilled and very kind.
I am staying for as long as I am going to be on toribash, unless [MAD] invites me :3 (That will never happen)
I am just a guy. A regular guy. I like anime, I can speak 9 different languages (I made them all up) I love to be in group activites as videos and more.
I LOVE warring, it shows true skill and competitiveness against other clans and makes us go to the top.
I am very active 9.5/10 ingame 7.5 in forums.
I am a decent replay maker, looking to help with clan videos a bit :3
I am begging to join!
Not0 your a good player but you need to be more humble and have a better personality you already have one infraction and you need to watch yourself but welcome to the clan

Clan Video Coming along Nicely
I'm making good progress on our Clan Promo, But I want to make sure I include everybody! Upload your .RPLs if you want them included. Mostly focusing on combat mods, but I'll do a section for the Tricksters as well if I get some replays from ya!

As of now I have the introduction and all of the music completed, I grabbed to rpls that were already on here, and I of course have mine saved already. But I need moarrrrrrr

1. Irl name: Danny IGN: Beatmove
2. 14, 15 in september
3. Have skype, but has a younger voice
4. Im good at Akidio mods those are my best.
5. I wanted to join a clan and want to be apart of the community. Also i was asked that i should join.
6. I will stay loyal until I am removed from the clan.
7. I am a twitch streamer and I record games.
8. I love to war.
9. I am more active in game than on the forums. I think I will like visit the forums like 3 times in 1 month. Also i have been playing since 2013 On different accounts like this one and my alternate one called WaterZero.

I'm begging to Join. I would love to join a clan.