Hey, my name is Max. I'm only 13 and my skype is max.rogers19. I have to say my best mods are
ABD, sparring mods, and gtBoxing, though I am good with almost anything I end up trying. I would
love to join because my old friend Apathetic is in it and my clan is inactive. This one also seems perfect
and orderly, just right. Similar to my last few clans I will stay until it's inactive, so forever. I never leave
unless I am not enjoying my time in it or it's inactive. Some things about me are I love to play the piano
and I love video games (TF2, Toribash, ect.). I love to be in a war because it means I am helping out the
clan and making us have a better rank. Ingame I like to go to bet servers and spar just because it's nice
to relax, otherwise you will find my in a game of ABD or something just messing around. I was tested by
Apathetic and I won the first game so that's cool ;p. I am a very upbeat person and I love joking around
with others in the server, even though I can be competitive if I want to be.

I'll kill anyone to be in!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my app. ! (Sorry it's in paragraph form rather than template)
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Chances are you are looking at one of my videos in the post above anyway, so here is my youtube channel.
Damn nice app. I'll move you to full member :}
(Leash)ApatheticP: plz dont use me
(Leash)KaZyDog: I only use attractive ppl dont worry about it
1.) Connor4654
4.)Boxshu and ABD
5.)I feel as if I need to just settle down and stay in a clan for the rest of my time on Toribash
6.) I'll probably stay here for the rest of my time that I play toribash.
7.)Stuff about me? Well I can be a funny guy sometimes if I feel in the mood, and I can always encourage people to do their best when I play TB.
8.)I actually enjoy war, since when I was Bomb's War Master, and later council I was warring WAPOW solo for most of my time on TB.
9.)I'll be pretty active, since I finished up with some school work, but coming up I won't be to active so I would say a 5, and a 5 for now, since finals and MCAS is coming up for me.
ill kill anyone to be in
1.)Your Name or nickname:memis1233
3.)skype or not:not
4.)best mods; greykido,boxshu and abd
5.)reason for joining; i can help in wars
6.)how long u will stay(loyalty)5 months
7.)Stuff about you
I 'm shy and I can earn much higher bands than my
8.)do you like to war Yes
9.) stuff about you ingame or if ur active more forum than ingame
these are simple things please add more thank you:I'll be more active in forum
I really wanna get better at toribash so im leaving and not being in a clan for a while. At the moment I don't think im as good as I should be to be in the clan. I will rejoin later when im better but for now im not gonna be in any clan.
Happy Noob Year
1.)Your Name or nickname : Thief666
2.)Age 15
3.)skype or not : ----
4.)best mods : aikidobigdojo, judo and mushu
5.)reason for joining : help strengthen the cla
6.)how long u will stay(loyalty): the time it takes
7.)Stuff about you : I 'm shy
8.)do you like to war: yes
9.) stuff about you ingame or if ur active more forum than ingame
these are simple things please add more thank you : game and enter the forum where I can
Nickname: sammylolz
Age: 16
Skype: sorry I don't have Skype.
Best mods: box_mushu and aikido
Reasons: I want to join because I want to fight in war and be a loyal and trustworthy member to the clan.
Loyalty: I am a very loyal member and will stay in this clan until the very end.
Stuff about me: I have been playing video games since I was 2 and I can't live without them.
I love war and will do anything to make my clan proud.
I will mainly be active on the forums but I will also be on th game a lot as well.

I am begging to join!!!
1.)Ryan (Ryano)
3.)No skype, I have discord tho
4.)mushu, aikido, xspar
5.)I dont like my old clan (_Raven_), they are inactive
6.)as long as I can
7.)I am good at basketball, the sport of most vilains
8.)No preference
9.) Im good at running ingame, Im on the forums 5-6/10 and ingame 8-9/10

some running

I'll kill anyone to get in.

hey U.... Ya U..... Open this spoiler