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(vo) Volt Recruitment Thread

Volt Recruitment Application

By applying, you agree to arrange a tryout.


- Be Active!
- 3rd dan black belt minimum
- If you have an alt, it can't be in another clan!


Application Format
- Username/Belt
- Why do you want to join Volt?
- What war team do you want to apply for (ABD/Boxshu)?
- How active are you?


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-= Username/Belt =-= JasperTS/Blue Belt=-
-= Why do you want to join Volt? =-= I want to join volt because i am new to the clan scene and see that this is also a new clan. Also i would love to paly in some wars agains other clans. I feel that i am a decent player for what belt i am (i hope that doesn't come accros as i have a big ego sorry) and i love to play this game and improve
-= What war team do you want to apply for (ABD/Boxshu)? =-= Boxshu =-
-= How active are you? =- I play pretty much every day on boxshu and play a bit of akido and twinswords. =-
2.I want to join because i want to defeat other clans... and you have really good members
4.On most of the time except a few weekdays due to study
- LucarioSky/Blue Belt
- Because 1. I want to be in a clan. 2. I need friends ;w; 3. Because.
- I play a lot, but sometimes I don't because of other stuff I also do (I create games, discord and study)
1 WaterH2o
2 cuz I luv warring and I can get u to 1st
3 aikidobigdojo
4 only on weekends due to school but mainly everyday in summer
- Username/Belt 4th dan
- Why do you want to join Volt? I want to join a team that is not trash and that will further my skills an active well put together clan
- What war team do you want to apply for (ABD/Boxshu)?ABD
- How active are you?1-10 like about a 9
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1.username: exps/blue belt
2.Why do you want to join Volt: cuz it seems like a cool chill guild that i can have fun with and can grow with
3.ABD active 8/10 hours a day some times 12 hours
clan application
-Belt=Black Belt
-Reasons for wanting to join volt=I feel like this is a good clan and i think i would fit in perfectly
-War team=I would like to join the abd war squad
-Activeness=I am very active on toribash and on a one to ten scale of me being online would be 8-10
-Belt-10th Dan Blackbelt
-Reasons for joining- I feel that this clan has a lot of potential and I wish to help make the clan number one.
-War Team- I would like to be in the ABD War squad.
-Activeness- I took a 3 month break recently and I'm getting back into the swing of things, I am pretty active on both In game and forums. I am on ingame almost everyday.

Thank you for reading my app.