ToriCombat League
I've already been accepted but I feel I should still do this so you know a bit about me;...

Name: It's Samuel but Sam goes smoothly
Toribash name: Forg0tten
Belt: 2nd Dan Black belt
Fav mods: I really enjoy lenshu, I'm decent at Judo, mushu is fun and I also really like ninjistu
Best mod at: Probably lenshu to be honest
Hobby:I rock out on the electric guitar, jam out to music , play the xbox, skate (Street skateboarding) and enjoy creative art
Ingame Hours: No idea;.. lots... O_O
Forum Hours: Don't spend much time on the forum but I should spend more
Why Do You want To Join Hero: I was given the opportunity ++ Hero sounds like a nice clan name (Even though HE isn't the best in bracket)
What Will You Benefit Us?:I'm full of personality, and am also quite good at the game. I have a nice looking tori which will catch peoples eye and makes me look good so they will think HE is good ahahah

Thankzz looking forward to the future