you were supposed to actually tell us about yourself, but ok

pm me your questions or applications

send me pics of japanese girls
hi, im berzerk, previously abn0rmall

been playing toribash for about 4+ years

i take interest in this clan cuz i know at least half of the people in it, and also cuz my previous clan, [Elite], has basically died out at this point, and i wanna be in a clan that's more active, some of the other clans i've been in previously have been [l], [Ae], and (OC)

mods that i usually do the best in are lenshu and abd, but i have a good understanding on most official mods

hoping to be in (w) the future, thanks for reading
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white bitch blonde hair like deedee
Under Discussion.
chat with us more
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<[Alpha]Diamond> in short: you count pings, you run, you lick boots
Hi guys

Im gonna give another shot of applying to (w) and maybe hopefully get in.

Firstly I main aikido but sometimes I also play Lenshu and Tk

I use to be in [Obey] when I had my old name (ItsLank) , [Attack] [Elite] and (vo)

Pending. Good luck.
Core: You've been denied, sorry

Berzerk: Still under discussion
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Hello I'm Zane
I wanna join your clan
I played toribash for 2 yrs now i think
I'm kinda good at abd , I'm good at lenshu aikido
I used to be in (R)respect (MH)manhunters (Spark)spark (Manifest) Manifest
Hey again

Gonna give it one more shot

I'm kankana-ey Filipino
I'm 2nd Dan belt
I do like abd, aikido, ninjutso, spar kinda, mushu, mushu, boxing, boxshu been playing 2-3 years now
I'm a Christian
I know useless information
I've been kicked spark actually
Don't ask me why
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