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want to join?

welcome to clan's recruitment thread.

do you want to show me how marvellous you are? well you're in luck because in here you can simply write out an application about yourself.
this form should tell me just enough to know more about you so give it your best please!


[1] what is your irl name?:

[2] how old are you?:

[3] why do you want to join (clan)?

[4] does your left testicle hang lower than your right?

[5] is Lele Pons funny?

[6] are you funny?

[7] how big is your penis?

[9] who is your favourite rapper/singer?

[10] do you cross clothing brands in public?

[11] are you sure about your answer to question [8]?

[12] where are you from?

[13] do you have any replays?
if so then attach them to your application.

[14] are traps gay?

[15] past clans you have been in?

[16] are you a modest person?

[17] define childish in your own words:

[18] are you childish?

[19] what animal would you say you are similar to?

i might add more to this form in the near future.
good luck
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Hello I'm French my name's Nicephore I'm 13 and I want to join user because this funny and I am very very very very funny my penis 999999 km for replay ask me on discord lele Pons not funny but I'm funny
My favorite rapper's RK I'm a little bit childish my past clan's bone or natus vincere and I don't watch tgf bro because I'm French well, yeah, logical

doesn't watch tgf bro, not funny, simply doesn't know how to c/p an app form, didn't attempt to answer any other questions and lastly you're in a clan called The Sky, disgusting. good try man
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