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(Broken) Broken Recruitment

So you want to join broken?

The application process is Very simple
Write us a Free form application in this thread, try and include information such as this one below
Name, Age, hobbies/ interests, forum/ ingame activity Applications Now
Once you’ve submitted your application, We will discuss your application together as a clan and if your application is successful we shall be in contact and possibly ask for a trial and we will organise this If your application or trials are not so successful, We will notify you either in this Thread or by pm your applaction will help us figure out if you’ll fit well with the rest of the clan, so don’t be afraid to tell us more about yourself as a person be specific if you must.
Also if you have replays you wish to show us dont be afraid to do so (it may help you get in)

MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR DISCORD SO WE CAN CONTACT YOU! This will be necessary when furthering your application.
We hope you spend time and a little bit of effort into your application so you have more of a chance to get in and for us to understand who you are for example

Hello everyone my name is person1234
i've played toribash for a year now and i've picked up some things i'd like to share with this clan

Im 20 years old and applying for uni and hoping for the best

i am currently in Korea right not and im hoping to move to australia and continue my University life over there

My english is fine however i also speak french korean and Spanish!

in toribash i am best at replay making and Art (which im studying)

Why do i want to join?

I wish to improve my toribash skills with this clan and i think ill learn a thing or two from this clan

I also want to participate in clan wars unlike previous clans that i wasnt allowed to war in.

I hope i can help this clan as much as it will help me!

Thank you for reading my application
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