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(Totem) Applications

Totem Applications

Hey stranger! You probably came here to apply for (Totem), I can assure that you're in the right spot.

To apply, all you gotta do is write a freeform application about yourself, your experience with toribash, and why you wanna join (Totem). If you want to add more than that you are more than free to. Before you spend your precious time writing your app, please keep in mind that being denied from this clan is to be expected. If you do end up getting denied, you can re-apply in a weeks time.

Good luck!
white bitch blonde hair like deedee
Hello I would like to join this clan for several reasons first because I don't like my current clan too much, second because I feel that this clan has a good future and third because I like the totem theme
In terms of my course in toribash I'm we're going to say new I've been playing since July 1st 2018 but I improved a lot yesterday for example even if I was particularly hot I beat two one belt several times in a row without dying I must have made a streak 7 to the point
My advantages: I improve very quickly and I know how to catch up very well in combat my favorite mods are abd, aikido, mushu, boxshu_mushu v3, twinsword4fixed

My faults: I don't know how to run and my if it is unstable (i. e. sometimes I can be average and suddenly I become very strong or the opposite)
My mod hate: judo

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At the point is at the least sorry
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