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Huszti's replay thread
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This is going to be a long one...


-Good hits
-Solid flow
-Lacking pose
Final score: 7.7/10

Not bad. The hits were good. I like the multi-DM kick, it had some sweet power. Your wasn't too bad. You need to work on it a bit more, but it was kinda good. This replay lacked a proper pose in my opinion and the moves before the pose were stiff. I also think you could have dismembered the legs too.


-Good hits
-Strange and unstable pose
-Non-DM hit
Final score: 7.5/10

This replay wasn't too bad. I like the split and the decapitating multi-DM kick. However, it looked like you failed to get the decap in the first attempt right after the split. Try dismembering Uke every time you're going for a hit. It looks rather unprofessional if you don't.

-Stiff start
-Lacks action
Final score: 6.9/10

Creative replay. I don't like it though. It lacked action. I'm aware of that it's a zombie replay but the rest of your Tori was just lying there and I think you could've moved him some more. The starter looked like a stiff and kinda holdall-ish.

The replays were not bad, but they could use some work though.

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1 несмотря на то что видно что хорошо владееш телом и можеш двигаться в релаксе выглядит деревянно и натянуто. особенно вращения. вцелом хорошо но я как обычно отмечаю лищь то что не нравится. поза кстати для помахивания рукой не такая)лучше бы сел по простецки за попу)
2 нормально. видно что начал заваливаться. за щёт этого мог бы выбить коре. финальный удар понравился. понравилось что отбросил руку. поза не понравилась. на любителя
3 бред сивой кобылы О_О смотрелось бы хорошо если
а)голова оторвалась бы сразу
б)ты не шлёпнулся бы как бревно а стоял и наблюдал
с)походка не стильная
FUUUU- The replay glitched around frames 256 D: .

That was pretty nice, dude. I like it, except that it glitched
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