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[S]elling pair of demon hand flames

Well i want 100K for the set.
Or 80K and full textures.
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Lol you mad bro.
But meh.
My stuff Found: Vampire force for 60,000 tc 0% off Romanovsky
Evgens cheap stuff Found: Vampire relax for 5,500 tc 8.33% off EvgenG
Blood Transfusion Found: Vampire Blood for 12,000 tc 25.00% off ersker
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Golconda Found: Vampire Torso for 1,500 tc 50.00% off dylan86
CHEAPEST DEALS EVER! Found: Vampire Timer for 4,250 tc 33.59% off Dynomite
None of the trails are in there
No grip
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AJ's Shop Found: Vampire Secondary Gradient for 5,000 tc 37.50% off Ajww13
Lol you mad brah.
Originally Posted by Dargoba View Post
40k for both.

PS: What Toribash are you using? o.o

40K for both?
Are you High?
And I'm using 3.88
I think :<
Dude cant you read?
I just sold them for 50K and full vampire.
Oh my gosh my old Flames

Oh man so are you still selling them if it is so do you accept items?
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