Season 8
Wow nice ideas for new mods ;)
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If you could make Machete (that makes sense, Toribash swords are shit), and a glove like Freddy Krueger's, You could make Freddy vs. Jason. Make sure DQ is on, Falling down in front of Jason vorhees = You Are Dead.
Bass Jousting:

Basically a more advance version of jousting for basses. Yes, basses.

I've set it up in a few servers now and it seems to be quite popular.
<Crooked> I'd say spartan, cause if he's tough enough to digest ungodly amounts of alcohol he clearly has the best body
cool mods, dude. how can you know the function of all the game rules things?
The black owl that want to prey is HERE
I really didnt know if i would like it but, after about 2 seconds it was love at first ride.
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Thread is now obsolete, please make a new thread if you want to show us your custom gametype.
multiple texture uploader! updated: multiple texture remover!
updated pretty colorlist!

<BobJoelZ> ok ive just rebooted my pc and ive tried to activate my reflex on yahoo internet explorer :/ no luck

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