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Welcome to my workshop. I was forced- er, I mean, I wanted to make a place where I could post all my shitty mods, so I guess this will be it. Whatever I post, if you want to, you can try it out and tell me what you think. Maybe you could make a few adjustments, who knows and who cares?

Anyways, these are the shitty mod types I have to offer:

- Sparring Mods
- Fun Mods/Silly Mods
- Parkour Mods
- Miscellaneous Mods

I don't know how any of this stuff works, so I'm sure a Forum Moderator will be by shortly to clean up this mess of a post.



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SwordSpar_ShortDistance.tbm (3.5 KB, 16 views)
StackedOdds_TitanAikido_V2.tbm (6.4 KB, 19 views)
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so yeah, cool mod. the colours are nice, and changing the axis on the wrist was a nice touch, and not something most people think about when they set out to make a mod like this, so it was cool seeing that.

like i said in discord, you probably wanna make sure, that for competitive mods, any objects you plan to be swinging around and hitting other objects with should be decently sized. messer_f.tbm is the gold standard for competitive weapon mods, so you could look at the blades there to see how they're sized, weighted, etc.

i hope you continue making mods; modmaker is a huge pain, but its really satisfying and you can do some really cool stuff that makes the game a lot of fun.

also the only thing you were missing was an image for the mod you posted, and i did that for you. no mess at all : )
EDIT: I've remade and perfected StackedOdds_TitanAikido.tbm, so now it's better than ever, (and actually accessible by the public.)
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