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<playername> has joined the room.
while playing in any room, the players are automatically alerted when another player disconnects/pings and also when the operator executes a command through the chat, but it doesn't say when a new player joins the room. I would like to see one of those short gray messages when a player connects. this could be useful in rooms with a lot of people, like bets and tourneys, because sometimes you don't notice that someone (maybe a friend or clan-mate) is there before you see their name in the long list.
no, ghosting is where the server can not be found but continues to exist with the plauers that are there, what im talkimg about is when the server crashes and ceases to exist.

Im not sure what the point of it is :/
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I don't think I or the other contributors to this thread knew that's what you meant, however, I believe what you're referring to is known as "ghosting," not crashing. Regardless, I don't see any real need in this specific feature, but I would like to see something along the lines of this.

ghosting and crashing are 2 different things

ghosting is when you can't join the original server name for example: if a bet server is called "ebets" and ghosts, the server is still there but if you type "/jo ebets" it's a new server.

crashing is when a server freezes, everyone gets force kicked/pinged out and a new server is created.