Liked the initial launch, the dms and the grabs, disliked giving up on the pose and sneaking out your foot breaking on the first hit.
Your launching is cool, you should at least try out a heavier gravity like -30 for this kind of madman if you haven't, you get a lot more opportunities to push off the floor. The replay twirly wirly in -15 was really nice, you got to hang around near the ground the whole time.

edit: thanks for cnc pusga i love you a lot
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posting this again cuz literally no one gave it attention when i posted it last time
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that replay is cool as fuck, when i saw the double ankles i got hype. the only thing i don't like is how messy it gets near 419. the skeet at the end was pretty sweet too. good shit
i think your movement could've been better
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thank u men

2 random 20 min replays

might make them into actual replays one day
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twirly-wirly II owo.rpl (310.7 KB, 10 views)