since he have begged and begged continuously for me to cnc your replay, i shall do so i guess.

I loved the build up, the spins were pretty cool and smooth at the start, a lot of people would get triggered by that right arm fazing through your leg, but i personally do it myself sometimes and it adds a + to the randomness in my replays i guess... that sudden pause put me off a tad bit at frame 315 but i'm sure it was probably needed and we've all been through those stages, (im probably wrong but oh well) but you could EASILY fix that ;)

NOW to the point where you beat the hell out of the ugly UKE:
now im sure that this is just a wip and that first DM was to give people a taste of how you will encounter UKE... you didn't follow the kick through and you suddenly Contracted that knee which made it look odd, however like the double arm DM with 1 kick! it makes it more interesting and takes more limbs off UKE even quicker to leave people saying "holy shit" but, you probably won't be able to follow it through with any other DMs unfortunately, if you didn't contract that knee, you COULD pull yourself into UKE, if not, then scrap it and come into UKE a different way

I would like you to continue with this replay though, but i like your style
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ok but not because u asked for it thank u
took me 22 minutes rawr

oh yeah also i can't get rid of the emote i'm too lazy
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because you asked so nicely

i have to say that the movements here are pretty solid, especially for the decap, needs a bit of refining but good job

here are the things you can improve on
the grab after the split broke all of your flow and was very jarring, perhaps it would be better to use another way to setup for the decap
try using the ankle instead of the shin for kicking, for your decap kick maybe putting the grab more in front of uke's head would have helped with that

i'm not gonna say anything about the last 150 frames as that was very forced and unnecessary to the replay, you should've just cut the matchframes after saving
yeah, i was thinking that but a lot of people told me not to do ''unfinished'' replays but i just can't gain momentum after losing it

thank u for the cnc! you're cute!
pm me your questions or applications

send me pics of japanese girls
me and fade did a collaboration replay!!!*triggerhappy *

i did 500-350 and 150-0

let me know what u think
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pm me your questions or applications

send me pics of japanese girls