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Support answer time?
Just trying to know the average answer time for the support?
Waiting to know if I'll be able to get things back on this account that is pretty old (~10years old)
I don't think I'll bother coming back if I don't get anything back, considering the account was pretty well equipped back then.
Apologies for long response, I manage support mail and has been away for past week.
You sent all your items to Kyat back in 2011. They're still there, but we're unlikely to revert that transaction as it looks legit (as in it wasn't a case of account getting hijacked) and those transfers happened 8 years ago - and you did log into your account a bunch of times after that.
Currently exchanging via pm with Erth, he told me that, told him I have no recollection of that but welp, too bad I guess.