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Shiai Tokens update
Hi, Shiai Tokens have received an overhaul!

As you may have noticed, your tokens are no longer inventory items but are an actual currency now.
You can see your ST balance in your account info page, and it will also be shown in game client's home screen with Toribash 5.41+

Shiai Token Exchange is gone too, but instead of waiting for staff to finally get you some new items to spend your tokens on, you can now buy any ex-USD item with Shiai Tokens at 1:1 ratio - any time! Any new items we release from this point onwards will also be available for ST as well as TC.

If you don't have enough ST to buy some items but want them right now because you're THAT impatient, you can purchase Shiai Tokens from Torishop here: http://forum.toribash.com/tori_shop.php?cid=84

This change is sort of a test run of how a "Premium currency" may work for Toribash opposed to direct USD payments for items. We'll be closely looking at feedback this overhaul receives and it'll be used to make the final decision whether this system should stay and later applied to TBN, or reverted back to old state.

As a final note, we'll be adding week-long discounts for select colors starting next week, so keep an eye on shop sales - maybe you can grab some Demon stuff for just a few ST!
It would be great to have your shiai token balance shown on the shop as well to make it easier instead of having to go to your own information although it is easy as it is.
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When are you guys gonna put items back in stock, because items went out of stock very quickly, which renders my shiai useless.