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Forums Visual Overhaul
Hi, we're currently working on visual overhaul for forums and would like to gather some of your thoughts / showcase what we've got so far.
This thread (and this post in particular) will be receiving updates as we add more stuff.

You can also try it yourself by enabling "Modern" forum skin in User CP options: https://forum.toribash.com/profile.php?do=editoptions

Base theme will be dark but we'll also be making a light one based on it once it's finished.
You'll still be able to use current default styling (forums only) if you wish.

Some misc info:
- New visuals are built with Bootstrap.
- All pages scale accordingly to your device screen size. On some pages, that would also hide less important information for devices with smaller screens (see screenshots below).
- Fonts we use are Roboto, Roboto Condensed for top navigation and Badaboom.
- We want to bring back post voting/rating system.
- Search is now available for all users who can make posts.
- Social groups and Competitions modules have been disabled due to their redundancy.

Forum Home

Board view

Thread view


User CP

Some details on breadcrumbs:
Breadcrumbs (top dark bar with "Toribash Community / Toribash / ..." text) is always visible and will stick to top of your screen both in desktop and mobile mode. In mobile, it's also used to hold a button to open main navigation menu.
Quick search will search for threads or posts within forum section, board or thread you're currently viewing. For example, searching "Overhaul" from forum home, News board and this thread will give you three different results. If you want to apply custom search settings, choose "Advanced search" option from the right breadcrumbs dropdown menu. When viewing user's page (member.php), it will search for the user under specified name.
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when toribash next comes out will the live streaming thing that used to be in the top right corner return?
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I've been using on mobile for a while and noticed two things1 - I can't see who made the last post, or the last activity on any board except for the main one.
2 - Whenever I click on the banner, it goes to a blank page
Example of the first one is attached

Is that a limitation from the mobile version or is it possible to show this information?
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Originally Posted by Convict View Post
Ok that answers my questions, but is it possible to make it so mobile users can click on the pics to make them bigger, I'm on android and I can only open the embedded pictures from spoiler but unable to see it really.

Use pinch to zoom for now. I'll see if I can make all post images work in a similar manner to attachments but no guarantee it'd work any reliably.

And custom color page for clans will still be implemented in the new forum update or is that going to be changed too?

Yes, those would stay. I'm currently not entirely sure whether clan logo display for posts would stay or only be used in member.php, will likely make a poll later regarding that. If you have any alternatives in mind that won't clutter the UI that'd be good too.

Disregard the clan color page but this is kinda bothering me, for mobile the font for clan name and sizing just seems a bit off

Please read the OP, Clans haven't been updated yet to work with new design - and as that was the only section of our whole website that was using hella ton custom inline js / ajax / css, it doesn't work properly anymore. This will be fixed by the time new design is out of beta.

Originally Posted by Worm View Post
when toribash next comes out will the live streaming thing that used to be in the top right corner return?

Likely, yes.

Originally Posted by Rouxster View Post
Looks nice. Will there be an option to switch to a “light” theme?

Yes. Here's a draft version.

Originally Posted by rblrenan View Post
I can't see who made the last post, or the last activity on any board except for the main one.

Done on purpose, otherwise it clutters mobile view. Alternatives are to hide thread pagination and icons on the right and show last post instead. Noticed another bug with empty space on the right for non-moderators though, fixed it.

Whenever I click on the banner, it goes to a blank page

Fixed, had click tracking enabled on it without any target link specified.
Clans section has received an update and now follows new design, as well as has some other new features (live filters for clan list, better wars page and so on).
Clans who have purchased a custom color perk now also have their boards colored with it (example).

If you've spotted any bugs or have any other suggestions regarding clans section, let me know!
Will you be setting this to forum default eventually? Sorry if this question was asked already.
"Search is now available for all users who can make posts."

Are you gonna make search available on the old forum theme, or is this only for the modern themes?
Edit: OK, so I can search my own posts and others through the 'Find more posts by...' option with the old theme, but shouldn't there be a Search option under the community tab (where I can access generalized advanced search functions)?
Edit edit: OK OK, so I can access the general search function by using the site map at the bottom that shows up after going to the 'Find more posts by' options.

Or is it just missing in the community tab for me? I know some perms have been fked around with due to lmod and just general messing with me. In any case, add search to community tab pls.
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Ele: search should be next to community button now

Dark theme is now the new default. If you want to switch to the old theme, choose "Toribash Legacy" option in User CP here: https://forum.toribash.com/profile.php?do=editoptions