not a fan of your recent two replays. I feel like you haven't used your full potential. I see you replay make in sequences rather than frame by frame, I have that habit too. you're insane and I enjoy coming on here to view your replays time to time, really impressive. saw you did a couple of collabs back in Dec, would you still be down?
haven't been playing lately, i know the rust has gotten into me again

i'm up for a collab despite my current replaymaking state, hit me up in pm
Ok so on this new replay i feel the manip couldve been longer, All in all a pretty decent replay but try and make a manip replay( I may have not seen it). If you're down to collab im down in the future hmu ^^

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The way you launched uke was beautiful and rare to see, the rest of the replay was just alright but the beggining is fabulous.
oh yeah