Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
i play mushu a lot, i do parkour and tricking( im so bad in tricking lmao ),im brown/black belt, rank 520+... i want to enter in a clan because i want to learn more of toribash and i know things to... if you let me in i would be very grateful. tnx for the atencion ;)
Zapraszam kazdego polaka bez wzgledu na skill i ogl potem zrobie selekcje pisac tutaj cos o sobie i jakie mody najczesciej gracie
(TFR) Application:
Hello guy's, as you all may know my in game name is Zuto, but my real name is Brandon, you can call my either, I don't mind. Firstly I would like to tell you a bit about myself; I'm 17 years old and live in Australia and love playing games especially Toribash since it is one of my favorite games to play overall, In real life I did a little bit of martial arts (Wing Chun) but that's about it. My in game activity is very good but I don't really go on the forums to much, I am starting though, so that's a good thing ;)
In game:
Secondly, In game I love playing ABD, Lenshu, sparring and a bit of Boxshu ;) they are my stronger sort of mods, my weaker mods would probably be judo, Wushu and yeah that's about it, but besides from that, I love playing all mods and I am willing to learn
That's one thing I love about Toribash, you can learn a lot, and you imagination can run wild ;)
Why (TFR)
Thirdly, why do I pick TFR? well I wanted to pick TFR because it seems like an awesome clan to hang with, which is what I really want and I believe I would have a lot to offer such as support, loyalty, and just trying to make the clan more and more better I believe this clan is fun and enjoyable to be with, and I am willing to learn anything that is needed for this clan
Thank you:
Thank you guy's for taking your time to read my app, much appreciated, Thanks
and also 'A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another.'

Kind Regards, Zuto A.K.A Brandon
Eh, nvm... ill cancel
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yo im asian i like toribash iz fun game and i uh like abd everyoen things im gay accept me please onii chan gg
i dont really do forums cuz its gay but im bored so here ya go bois.