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Arms of the East Battlepass

The new Battle Pass is here!

General Information
Toribash Battle Pass is a way you can earn rewards just from playing the game!
Gain XP by playing in Multiplayer, participating in tournaments and events, completing quests and more to level up and claim Battle Pass rewards!
Battle Pass prizes include ToriCredits, Shiai Tokens, Boosters, Flames, Color and 3D items as well as unique BP-specific new items!

Battle Pass Premium
You can purchase a Premium version of Battle Pass to receive even better rewards, including a limited edition color.
Press the "Upgrade to Premium" button on the Battle Pass screen and you will be able to claim exclusive items, 3X more Toricredits and 2X more Shiai Tokens!

Premium can be purchased at any moment while Battle Pass is active: you will receive rewards for levels that you've already claimed free tier rewards for automatically.

New this month
- Battle Pass Exclusive color Ruby makes a comeback
- Arms of the East 3D items, including Kusarigama, Tekko-Kagi and more

New item previews