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Current Legends
hampa - The creator of this fine game.
ishi - For being ishi.
nuthug - General awesomeness, one of the new wave single player pioneers.
SkulFuk - Gave it all for the community!
hanz0 - Lord and savior of the MSquad, legendary texturer and comic making genius.
siku - He's a shark.
suomynona - IRC overlord, long time ninja, anonymous.
avwave - Elite artist and expert admin. Also did some neat forum dev work.
Dranix - The silent developer you never knew.
Oblivion - Replay maker that rivals nuthug.
Shook - Amazing Replay maker, comic maker, hilarious.
Chris - Unrivaled artist. Seriously, no one can touch this guy when it comes to art.
Fish - Massive contributions to clan related things. Also does awesome forum dev stuff and administration.
BenDover - Guardian of the art board for years. Multiple staff contributions. Artistically gifted.
Jaker - Excellent replay maker.
8OJ4N - Art master & maker of stupidly complex events... In a good way.
Tamer0 - Replay god.
Tonakai - In-game host extraordinaire.
phail - High priest of the chvurch of Beattie, smod, msquad, guardian of the scam reports board as well as ex promo team and GM. An excellent example to all users and a dedicated and invaluable member of the staff.
largeKilla - One of the best replay-makers of all time. Arguably the most talented and popular of a very strong generation of replay-makers.
Swexx - Another of the best replay-makers of all time. Arguably the most talented and popular of a very strong generation of replay-makers.
Solax - Administrator, super-moderator, item forger, market squad, clan moderator, Toribash blogger, Toriagent, uniteam member and Torinews press - Solax has done it all in this community. One of the nicest and most valued members the community has ever had.
- A replay icon. Former leader of ORMO and replay-making streamer.
pusga - One of the most well-known Replay makers that there has ever been, known for his mastery of boomhits and his tutorial that explains them. Pusga is someone that should be looked up to when aspiring to achieve high quality in Replay making.
sir - The Russian Master and one of the highest staff around. He ran the Nabi Profile Customisation Shop and was one of the most impactful people on the toribash forum that brought it to where it is today.
leyz - Oozes class in his Singleplayer endevors and is a force to be reckoned with in Multiplayer.
Erth - Known for being the Event Squad's grandma, an all-around staff member, an ex-ORMO recruiter, a taekkyon pioneer and a Grade A toilet sniffer. She also made erthtk, the most ESPORT of all mods
Gynx - He's a previous community manager and clan administrator. Also previously known as the CLAN BUTCHER. spooky
jisse - One of the modern age replay pioneers, and is unparalleled in the art of mod-making. If you're looking for a new-age replay-making idol, this is your man.
Hagan - A legendary artist amongst the community, and an art-making titan amongst the staff. He made the toribashtextures.com website too!
TIcux - Crazy Russian war machine; dominated The Best of the Champions for years and hoarded hundreds of old Shiai Tokens.
millie - Pioneer in replay making and the multiplayer scene and curator of book of records and the stock replay folder. GameMaster who grew to Event Squad Administrator.
Diamond - Absolute beast of a player and one of the best Toribash duelers, 2018 World Champion, one of the richest players Toribash ever had.
BinkLawz - Invented a new style of play in a game that was already 8 years old. Completely selftaught replaymaker who became a master all on his own. Founder of MAS and creator of the most realistic martial arts demos Toribash has ever seen.
killer3366 - One of the strongest players Toribash ever had, who completely dominated all the -shu mods in 2012-2014.
xbcz - First user to reach "One Belt"
Creati0n - Market Squad Overlord
Mocucha - Made huge waves with his toribash videos on youtube
Pulse - Pioneer in ukebashing and replaymaking in general
Haku - A triple threat of talent, and he's super nice too!
Flash - realmoves™
Concon - synonymous with toribash videos themselves at this point
Static - Lenshu innovator, single player rockstar, staff machine and overall bundle of sunshine. He knew every inch of this game like the back of his hand, but more importantly he was a wonderful human being that the community will miss deeply. RIP, a real legend.
Xioi - A highly regarded and influential replaymaker with an aggressive, unique style in ukebash and realism alike

Current Legendary Clans
[bncy] bncy - One of the most influential clans of its time, and the first staff clan to actually be a clan.
[NO] NO - NOlluminati told us to put this here.
[RAWR] RAWR - One of the most easily recognized clans in Toribash history, great names like NutHug and Mosier all came from this alcove of legends.
[spirit] spirit - The first ever Clan League hosted went straight into the hands of these fellas
[Torigod] Torigod - Sadly no longer with us, but they were the first ever player made official clan, and that deserves a mention.
[Urban] UrbanUnit - If you have a free afternoon, read this thread to get an idea about why they are on this list
[Latin] Latin - The first and most successful Spanish speaking clan, responsible for the creation of Unibash.
[T] [T] - The most well recognized replaymaking-oriented clan that has withstood the test of time and has been iconic for ages.
[Relax All] Relax All - One of the most feared competitive clans, active for 14 years

Old But Not Forgotten
(Note that this part of the list is a work in progress. More will be added here as time goes on.)
chezda - Greatest videomaker in his time and the true pioneer in singleplayer replays.
dafe - Single player pioneer, lua legend and the original holder of most SP records!
nokturnal - dev & beta tester.
patrick - One of the founders of Torigods, early replay maker.
odlov - Wushu legend who pioneered the wushu we play today!
nightmare - One of the three great artist of his time.
monobi - One of the best artists this community has had.
rutz - Videomaker, SP artist, Toriradio DJ and long time staff member.
moop - Taekkyon legend, videomaker & Promoteam member! 1 of the 3 taekkyon pioneers.
fnugget - Video scene pioneer, creator of freecam & one of the best flame forgers ever (if not the best).
warcry - One of the greatest video makers.
war_hero - Replay legend, developer & video maker.
mosier - Polarbear!
Gman80 - Was in charge of marketing toribash, leader of the promo-team.
Nirs - Old leader of the russian community. Created the famous 'Nirs Dance'
Shin-Ryuu - Ex super admin, master of the ban-copter.
Imsku - Widely regarded as one, if not the best Taekkyon player in Toribash. 1 of the 3 taekkyon pioneers.
Ern - Another Taekkyon legend. He had a very unique style. 1 of the 3 taekkyon pioneers.
noweb - The first popular video-maker, noweb inspired a generation. A true Toribash editing pioneer.
Jarmund - Ex-staff & Fraggle lover. You can thank him for the excessive Jarmundbot bans on compromised accounts, as well as for paving the way from the potato servers we used to have.
SlainVeteran - Top tier staff member, scripter, and a guru of the POV-Ray system back in the day. Also, the guy who gave us the Head Texture Converter for when TB was very particular about the files it accepted.
KamiKo - Once considered by many as one of the best players in the game.
Taek - I think the clue's in the name for what he's responsible for... Funny how you forget about people until they turn up again!

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