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Moop's thread of increasingly shittier shitposts
Thanks SkulFuk, you old sweetheart ;)

I'd hug you if I wasn't so scared of catching gonorrhea...

Since people might actually read this I thought I should use it to document the best thing I've ever done:

Are you ready?

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one time i had a hair deep in my urethra and when i pulled it out it felt kinda good ~fudgiebalz 2020

<~Skul> they're not children, they're demon midgets
<~Skul> if you kill one in front of the rest, they'll scatter and leave

Lets play TK sometime ;o

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Les' go. tk. like.. you set the time. I dunno when.
funny blue smiling person
please to be enjoying lowkido
let's bring minibash back!