Moop, wow. Your "Beggin" video is what inspired me to become good at this thing. Didn't succeed but damn, that was a good vid.
You deserve your place here.
Hi moop, congrats with the legend thingy, and you should quit ragequitting when i wreck you in tk.. ;)
Real human from Event Squad! Send your applications to me <3


Idk if you remember me, Hxcbbqimo

Anyways nice to see you around
Need help?
Creati0n says: still my favorite. <3
I sacrificed my firstborn for this great human being to join (M) ~R
Just Use Thunder!
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Where's part 2?

System Addict 2: Moop and Erth.

Coming to a computer screen near you soon.
one time i had a hair deep in my urethra and when i pulled it out it felt kinda good ~fudgiebalz 2020

<~Skul> they're not children, they're demon midgets
<~Skul> if you kill one in front of the rest, they'll scatter and leave